Rob Gansl

Rob Gansl

Sales Consultant

Robert Gansl was born in Djakarta, Indonesia in 1956.  His family migrated to Australia from Italy in 1964 and eventually settled in the Wollongong area in 1970.  He completed his Higher School Certificate at Port Kembla High School in 1976, was school vice captain and senior athletics champion. After school he gained a tertiary education and graduated from Newcastle University in 1983 with an Architectural degree. 

Rob worked as an architect for 10 years with several architectural firms on a wide variety of projects, from residential to multi-storey commercial projects.  He also worked as consultant on major conservation projects around Wollongong.

He held Managerial positions in a major international hotel, was in charge of twenty personnel, and controlled the day to day operations of a several food and beverage outlets.

Rob worked in the real estate industry for 12 yrs, gaining respect from both his peers and may clients for his honesty and professional approach to his work.

For the past 6 years Rob divided his time between running his own architectural design practice, assisting his wife to develop her business and looking after their young family.

Rob is married, has two beautiful children and is a very dedicated family man.